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Ⅰ.Individual Respect

Calling for respect employees' rights and dignity.The most important asset for a company is not money, or anything else, but your employees. Excellent employees are obtained praise, promotion and bonus. There’s no automatic promotion or salary adjustments ,but all decided by your achievements. Special performance employees, will also have special rewards.


Ⅱ. Provided customers with better service

   Respecting each staff,then they will learn to respect each customer and offer the customers comfortable service.We must reply to customer’s within 24 hours to indicate that how important they are to us . No matter manage what business,we must try our best to hold our old customers and let them cooperate with us time and time again, and use our better service to catch each client .


Ⅲ. The perfect performance

   Pursuing the perfect and ideal concept to everything . No matter the products quality or service all should be the best . Of course ,there’s no really 100% perfect thing in the world,but the aim to achieve it should not been given up .Our company have set up the complete working equipment ,and will regular check samples to ensure and establish the quality service. Just saying is no use , the most important is:use strategies, take action and actually executed; measure effect and pay attention to reward, to show the determination.Everybody should stick to perfect performance and believe that there’s nothing impossible , you do will be excited by such attitude .


Ⅳ. Insist on principles

   During the business operation, the enterprise any operation can be changed , such as the address,personnel,the products or even the company’s name and so on ,things in the world are changed constantly,so no matter in which company ,you should have the ablitity to meet the outside change.Nowdays ,the Society and environment changed so fast , but in any developing company ,the only one thing can not be changed is “ principle” no matter what the “principle “ is , it will always be the light to guide the company’s developemt . The company must have one set complete principles for all the employees to follow .what’s more, all of us should have the confidence to the principles.